O Beautiful, for Spacious Skies


Let’s start with the obvious – Hamilton is a fictional play about real people, who lived and breathed and loved, who sacrificed their talents, their safety, their very lives for the birth of this nation.

I’ve always loved historical fiction, I’ve always loved music and musicals, and I’m delighted by cleverness in lyrics or poetry. In the musical Hamilton, we have a fascinating combination of every one of those. And – bonus – did you know the entire play takes place on the soundtrack? You can “watch” Hamilton with your ears; the entire masterpiece is available. Even on Youtube for free.

How can you not be moved by the historical emotions within the lines: 

raise a glass.gif

“I may not live to see our glory 

But I will gladly join the fight 

And when our children tell our story

They’ll tell the story of tonight.”

The final battle of Yorktown – where Hamilton finally gets his wish of fighting – moves me every time I listen mindfully. Can you imagine it? Decades of separation and oppression from the mother country, years of fighting and dying for freedom, and finally the moment of British surrender comes – 

“Tens of thousands of people flood the streets

there are screams and church bells ringing…

The world turned upside down

The world turned upside down

The world turned upside down

The world turned upside down”

If you watch nothing else of Hamilton, watch this end of the Revolutionary War and have a moment of silence for those amazing people, soldiers and wives and parents and families whose entire lives were dedicated to this moment.  You can even start at 3:25 if you only want the 90 second version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWZy3zRbBHI

History from nearly 250 years ago is an abstract thing to comprehend, to really wrap my mind around and appreciate in a 3-dimensional way. Historical fiction puts names and faces and emotions to the story, breathing new life into events that affected the course of history. I can’t help but love the people that Hamilton brings alive for me, and I listen to their stories with humility and gratitude for their sacrifice and creation.

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